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Benefits of Massage in the Spring

The warmer, sunnier days of spring are replacing the cold, dark and rainy days of winter. The sun entices us to go outside and encourages us to be more active. I personally enjoy the cliché walks along the beach or at a park. Most people experience a slight increase in joint pain during this time of year due to the increased activity. Massage can help you ease into outdoor activities. Massage can:

  • Improve and increase blood flow (circulation)

  • Improve immune system function

  • Increase range of motion and flexibility in joints

  • Decreased muscle stiffness and tension

  • Increase metabolism (because of the increased blood flow)

  • Relieve overused and injured muscles

  • Help detox the body (massage stimulates the lymphatic system)

Massage not only provides physical and mobility benefits. The additional benefits of massage include relaxation which can help improve sleep; decrease stress, depression, and anxiety by boosting endorphins. Certain pressure points in the face can help alleviate sinus congestion caused by seasonal allergies.  

Spring Into Health is our annual event here at Northwest Wellness. This year we are offering $50 for 1 hour massage sessions during this week (April 9th-14th)! Call our office at 253-927-0660 to book your massage at the discounted rate while availability lasts!