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Take Your Winter Workout Outdoors

Although it’s still technically Autumn in the Pacific Northwest, the Winter weather is upon us. For many people, working out during these colder months becomes more difficult because of the weather. Many people end up stuck in the gym for their workout routines. If you’re the type of person who enjoys being physically active, but doesn’t enjoy a standard gym routine, this can be a tough time of year. It’s not as easy to get outside and go for a bike ride, a walk, or a hike. However, the Pacific Northwest has so much to offer in the Winter months with regards to outdoor activities.

Winter time in Washington can be a beautiful thing if you embrace the cold and wet weather. Here are three outdoor activities that you can try this Winter to take your workout outdoors.

1. Go for a Winter hike

Hiking is a great way to stay in shape. We are lucky in Washington with how much awesome nature we have to explore. Even in the middle of winter, there are plenty of hiking trails that are easily accessible. Be sure to dress appropriately for the hike based on the weather and trail conditions. The Washington Trails Association website is a great resource for anyone looking to do some Winter hiking. They have everything you need to know about almost every hiking trail including conditions, trip reports, and accessibility. If you’re not sure at which hikes to do, check out the recent trip reports section to see what other hikers are doing this time of year.

2. Hit the Slopes

Skiing and snowboarding are excellent activities for you to get a good Winter workout in. The first day on the slopes will surely wake up some muscles you may not have used in a while. It’s a great activity to improve your balance and proprioception as well. Washington has many options when it comes to ski mountains. Snoqualmie even has night skiing! Get out on the slopes this Winter and take your workout outdoors. 

3. Strap on You Snowshoes

If skiing and snowboarding sound too intense for your tastes, you may want to look into something a bit milder such as snowshoeing. However, don’t underestimate this activity! Snowshoeing can be very tiring so be sure to wear layers and bring enough water. Mount Rainier is a great place to strap on your snowshoes and go for a nice stroll. There’s plenty to look at up there and you can either choose a designated trail or blaze your own. As mentioned earlier, the Washington Trails Association also has some great information on good areas to go snowshoeing.

Don’t let the Winter weather get in the way of your workout routine. There are plenty of great outdoor activities you can try that will give you an enjoyable physical challenge. Whether you’re training for a specific event, dealing with an injury that’s holding you back, or just want to be able to perform your best for the activities that you love, the physical therapy department at NW Wellness is here to help. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Get outside and enjoy the weather!

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