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What is the difference between common and normal?

Common and normal aren’t the same!

I have done a blog similar to this in the past but the topic comes up so often that I wanted to address it again. I get this question all the time…Is this common? When someone wants to know if something is common, I think they are asking 1 of 2 questions.

1: Am I the only one that has this problem or do other people have this as well? This allows people to know that they are not alone and other people have problems similar to theirs.

2: Is this normal? This should be the more important question. For instance, poor posture is common but should not be left alone because so many other people are affected by it. Poor posture is common but not normal.

Some things can be common but not normal and is an issue that needs to be resolved such as poor posture mentioned above. So when you ask the question “is this common?”, think about what you really want to know. Do you want to know if many people have the same problem or do you want to know if it is normal and nothing to worry about or something to be more concerned about?