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Top 5 ways to “Chill Out”

Many of my patients confessed to me that they do not take time for themselves and are grateful for their massage sessions because it’s their chance to relax.

1)Limit your time on social media.

2)Don’t watch the news before you go to bed or as soon as you wake up.

3)Limit screen time. Phones, TV, video games, etc.

4)Go on vacation and without over-scheduling yourself.

5)Plan ahead and clean as  you go!

I really do think one of the biggest reasons patients fall asleep on my table is because of all the reasons listed above. They can’t look at their phone while getting a massage. I try not to chat them up so they get the chance to relax and I can focus on their muscles. I’m also one of those that believe that adults sometimes need naptime just like kids do. It is also totally acceptable for you to be selfish with your own personal time. It is okay to say no to things!