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2016 Rio Olympics

Every 4 years there an international event that happens called the Olympics and it is hosted by a different city each time. This year the Olympics were at Rio de Janeiro and last Olympics were at London. The IOC, International Olympic Committee, does bids at each Olympics to figure out where they will host the next Olympic Games.

The Olympics are significant to me because while I was growing up I had dreams of one day competing that the Olympics. The Olympics brings the best athletes of each country to compete against each other in various sports ranging from rowing, to gymnastics, to archery, to track and field. A few memorial moments that stood out for me from recent Olympics were Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian of all time with his swimming events/records, Usain Bolt shattering the world record by 0.11 in the 100m and another significant drop in his 200m time with a World Record of 19.19, and several other athletes that have shown remarkable talent.

I’m excited about this year’s Olympics because of the shear talent that many of these athletes have demonstrated over the last few months. This will be an excited moment in history once again. I just hope that politics, disease and corruption does ruin an event that happens once every 4 years. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!