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Desk job Posture

How many of you are in work setting where you are behind a computer all day? How many have deadlines of paper work that you must finish by the of an 8-10 hour work day? While diligently working on these projects we tend to get lost in what we are doing and lose concentration on our physical well-being. Posture goes out of the window, slouching becomes evident, neck tends to bend in a way that can cause long term damage to the spine.

Most people are unaware of these bad habits because are so caught up in making sure we get all of our job duties done in a timely manner. Over the course of several months, this can lead to muscles that are compensating causing a series of problems related to bad posture. A few shifts of slouching may not amount to nothing at first, but over the course of several months or even years and lead to injuries that could have been prevented.

What an help you remind yourself to sit properly without slouching over? What I like to do is standup a least a few times an hour to stretch or even move around to get some blood flowing. When I stand up it helps me consciously to fix my posture. Just being in a position for a long period of time makes me accustomed to the bad habits of slouching. Periodically standing up helps me “reset” my position during a long shift at work.