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Practicing gratitude is a great way to boost your happiness and experience more life enjoyment. Take the time every day reflecting on what you are grateful for. Gratitude has been shown to stimulate the reward\pleasurable areas of the brain, the hypothalamus and ventral tegmental area. It is a form of generosity because you are offering something to another person, even if it is just a verbal affirmation. Generosity is linked to happiness. It can help you become a more relaxed, patient, happier, and less impulsive person. Making tough decisions can be easier by practicing daily gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the best anti-depressants. By listing three things you are grateful for each day is a great way to combat depression. Gratitude triggers the release of mood regulating chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and oxytocin. It also inhibits the stress chemical cortisol.

Since most people are occasionally frustrated at work, managers who express gratitude to their employees have been shown to have a boost in their employees work performance. Gratitude can go long way in fostering a healthier work environment.

Grateful people have been shown to exercise more regularly, eat healthier, practice better self-care, and engage more social activities. There are many different practices to help boost your gratitude. The following are just a few of my favorite tools.

Keep a weekly journal of what you are grateful for. Set aside two nights during the week to journal one or more things during the week that you are grateful for.

Writing thank you cards is a wonderful way to show someone you are grateful for them being in your life.

Practice stress management. At times, stressful events can be unavoidable. Practice the art of just letting it go instead of dwelling on the negative events. The realization of the way you feel about the stress as little to do with the event itself, and more to with your perception of it.

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