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A Glimpse into My Wellness

A Glimpse into My Wellness

The concept of “wellness” can hold a variety of meanings depending on who you ask. For me, wellness encompasses my physical, social, and mental well-being. At times it is difficult to actively tend to each of these categories. The fluctuating balance of wellness and life can be overwhelming. Remember that wellness is not synonymous with perfection. Do your best and give yourself some credit.

Here is an inside glimpse at a few ways in which I tend to each of my wellness categories.

Physical: Exercise. There are no short cuts here. You just have to do something. Exercise activities that I am currently enjoying at home include running, stationary biking, and rowing. I tend to work out after work since I am not much of a morning person.  Some pros in the field of exercise might not agree to this tip but I utilize Netflix whenever I can! It helps the time fly by.

Social: Learn to say no. I keep an active social calendar that can be overwhelming. At times I over prioritize this category and end up physically, mentally, and financially drained. Try to find balance and not worry about missing out. Cherish the experiences you participate in and be happy for those who have fun even when you are not there.

Mental: Accept lack of control. Lately I have been working on identifying things that I can and can’t control. That may seem like an easy task but trust me, it can be tricky. In labeling things I can’t control I have a better shot at decreasing anxiety, fear, stress, and frustrated related to the situation.

Keep in mind that there are various seasons in your life that will affect the balance of your wellness. The goal is not to have these categories equally balanced but rather address the ones most relevant to your life in the moment.