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Integrated Approaches To Treating Skin Disease

One of the more common health concerns I observe in clinical practice, are individuals presenting with all sorts of rashes and/or various types of skin conditions. Everything from eczema, acne, psoriasis, allergic reactions, to dermatitis (skin irritation) from having come in contact with some sort of aggravating factor, are just a few of the examples.

Typical standard of care when you visit your medical doctor is the prescription for a topical steroid. This synthetic anti-inflammatory increases the body’s production of anti-inflammatory proteins, while also inhibiting the production of inflammatory substances. While these treatment recommendations have their benefits, they do come with potential side effects, which can include; thinning of the skin, formation of stretch marks, changes in skin pigmentation, suppression of adrenal gland functioning leading to adrenal insufficiency, diabetes, high blood pressure, fluid retention, and osteoporosis. Glaucoma is another possibility when topical steroids are used persistently around the eyes.

With all that being said, topical corticosteroids have been used extensively for nearly half a century, and during that time have used successfully in the treatment of various inflammatory skin conditions. I am not entirely opposed to the utilization of these drugs. I do believe there are others options to consider that are just as effective, and much safer.

Now if I could offer you an alternative solution to address your skin concerns that is completely natural, utilizes healing properties derived from plants, and had no adverse side effects would you be interested?

With the intention of delivering an integrated approach to your health concerns, while I will entertain the option of topical steroids to address your skin condition, I will also recommend a long-term natural solution with far less risk of adverse reactions.

Utilizing a combination of olive oil, bees wax, vitamin E, cocoa butter, and an assortment of anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial plants. I have patients start with this gentle, yet effective approach to combating the infection, while also providing the nutrients necessary to healthy skin.

Additionally, during your visit I will help you to better understand the underlying factors that most likely contribute to your health concerns and treatment approaches that would aim to minimize the likelihood of future occurrences. Many skin conditions typically stem from an underlying sensitivity to food or some unknown allergen in the individual’s environment. 


Blessings In Health and Wellness

Dr. Jeff