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Future self


When thinking about fitness and weight loss goals, a lot of people think of the NOW when they should be thinking about how the future will be affected by their current actions. I’ve ran into people who have regretted doing certain things on the past due to how it has affected them later on in life. Then there are those that have done something earlier in life because of the benefits that multiplied.

Have you ever heard of the quote “Do something today that your future self will thank you for?” Well, I like to tell people who are new to working out or want to get into working out that it’s best to start now than later when it might be “more convenient.” The problem with waiting until the time is right, or when it’s more convenient then you could be waiting for a very long time, trust me.

Be proactive! You owe it to yourself to be the BEST YOU that YOU can be. If you have a goal for yourself then pursue it because that will build character, and with character it builds self-confidence. What happens if you were to get started on your goal earlier than usual? That would mean that you can hit your goal sooner than you would have thought. Think of how much stronger you would be, think of how much soon you could wear your favorite article of clothing. The gym isn’t for people who always have a convenient moment in their lives. It’s a lifestyle for them. Sometimes going to the gym can be an inconvenience for me, but due to having my eyes on my own goals, I still fit it in most days of the week.

Don’t wait to pursue what you want in life, constantly strive after it. Your future self will certainly thank you for it. Don’t get into the routine of regrets. Now is the time to pursue your passion and reap those benefits.