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Miscalculating caloric intake

So I hear from people that say that they want to get in shape, but seem like are trying but there seems to be no progress. I’ve seen people who have tried tirelessly on weight loss, but keep getting stuck in rut. The biggest problem is that people miscalculated their caloric intake.

Someone once came up to me and said that they switched their foods to nothing but clean foods in an attempt to lose weight. I respond by asking, “What’s exactly is a clean food?” The usually reply is, “No bread and all natural, no processed food.” The thing about switching up your diet and not knowing your calorie intake just leaves most people in the dark as far as where progress is going. If your original calorie intake was 1,800 calories of just your normal foods and your switch to eating clean, then how do you know that you aren’t eating more than before? What is your reference point?

I’ve seen people switch from their normal dietary habits to pursue something healthier, but in some cases, they are eating more calories from clean foods than from their regular foods. Calorie is a calorie folks.  Don’t get stuck in following this trend. If you’re serious about understanding your caloric intake, try track your diet for a few days and then go from there.