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Core Exercises

As the summer comes, most people are concerned about stomach fat or trying to work out their core muscles. Unfortunately, trying to get abs takes more than just a day or two of doing sit ups and crunches. To get your stomach muscles to show you need to reduce your overall body fat. There’s no such thing as spot reducing, but you can improve your body composition to give your body a toned appearance.

Some tips to drop your body fat are:
-Improve your diet and nutrition: Eat in moderation. Try to understand where you are getting the majority of your calories from. If the majority of your calories are from fat (such as fried foods, mayo, 80/20 ground beef, etc) or if you’re eating mostly carbs (French fries, cookies, chocolates, etc) then you would need a diet makeover.

-Exercise: Calories in vs calories out.  If you are burning more calories than you are taking in then your body is in a calorie deficit meaning more calories are being expended. More calories being expended equals a drop in body weight

-Consistency: Developing a lifestyle change so that you are able to incorporate small healthy changes into your daily habits can also help with your body fat.

Unfortunately, there are no “secrets” to dropping body fat and trimming up around the ‘tummy’ other than consistency and improving your metabolism. Don’t wait until the summer is here before you think about exercising. Plan ahead so that you don’t panic on getting into your favorite swimsuitCore