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Yoga from an amateur bodybuilder's perspective

I did Yoga a few times at Northwest Wellness and that’s a totally different type of training than what I’m used to. Since the majority of my exercises consist of heavy weights, high volume, high intensity, it’s a change of pace doing 50 minutes of slow, relaxed, posture improvement movements while controlling your breathing and balance. By the end of the session my shoulders were pumped with blood due to hold my hands up for poses such as “Warrior 1” and “Downward Dog.”

                I've noticed that balance and flexibility is key when performing these types of exercises. When I transition from “Downward Dog” to a lunge it caused me great struggle when bringing my leg forward into that pose. There’s something that I need to definitely work on even though I’ve been in sports and exercising pretty much my whole entire life. One of my favorite phrases is “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Since balance and holding meditation yoga poses isn’t necessarily my strong suit, looks like I need to make some improvements.

                If you’ve never done Yoga before, I highly recommend it for all fitness levels and all age groups. Along with the balance, it is also a source of meditation to help with relieving stress. So if you are wondering what I’m referring to, try out our Yoga classes at Northwest Wellness to see for yourself. Don’t worry about looking silly or “if it’s not your style”, because we all have physical weaknesses that we are trying to overcome. (And when you see me there focusing on trying not to fall over you’ll understand what I mean…)