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Preventing Injuries While Gardening

May is the month where many of our patients love to get out in the yard and start their gardening.  It is not uncommon to see those patients throughout the spring and summer with reports of lower back, knee, or neck pain.  Follow these tips to prevent injury while working in the garden:

·         Warm up with a brisk walk or some light calisthenics

·         Set reasonable goals for what you can accomplish in a day or a weekend

·         When lifting, bend at the knees and hold the wait in close to your body.  Ask for help for large or heavy items

·         Cushion your knees with a foam pad when kneeling

·         Switch activities often to avoid repetitive injury

·         Work with long-handled tools to prevent excessive bending

·         Pace yourself;  injury frequently occurs with fatigue.

·         Stretch and/or soak in the tub with bath salts to ease tired muscles.

Happy Gardening to all of our patients and friends!

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