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How to remain active at the workplace?

A 9 to 5 job can get into the same routine of trying to hit deadlines, finish up projects, endless emails, and dreadful meetings that fill the day up until it’s time to go home. Although it’s easy for you to get in to the robotic routine every single working day or the week, some of us can remain sedentary for close to 70% of an 8-10 hour work shift. Sedentary activities includes sitting in meetings, typing, watching security monitors, or even sitting while checking people in. What happens after weeks, months, or even years of this type of inactivity? Unnecessary weight gain happens.

                Since a lot of us are always on the go, and default to fast foods, caffeine, or high sugary beverages to keep up moving. The problem is that we are NOT moving. Once we get to work, we spend most of our work time sitting and getting our daily agendas done. High calorie foods and caffeine to help fuel us in a profession where we aren’t burning much calories at all is just setting ourselves up for failure.

                Have you ever heard of the phrase “calories in versus calories out?” Well if we are sitting down for the majority of the day we aren’t expending any calories. Some tips to help burn calories throughout the day are:

-Take a small break from what you are doing to walk around the office
-Park farther than usual when you get to work, or even to the grocery store
-Cut back on the amount of creamer you use in your calories. Those have more sugar in it than you think
- Maybe cut back on the type of coffee you drink. Some drinks are flooded with sugar
-Walk around your neighborhood block when you are home from work. You’ll be surprise at how relaxed you will get
-Pick up a hobby such as gardening, golfing, basketball, soccer
-Join a fitness center

Don’t get stuck in the rut of the monotonous way of life of sitting, whether you are at work, at home, and even driving. Long periods of sedentary activity can lead to gradual increases in body weight. Get out there and get moving so that years won’t pass of you realizing how did you gain so much weight. You don’t need to become an elite athlete, but simple activities such as gardening, golf will help you increase your calorie expenditure more than not doing anything period.