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How much does your health mean to you?


 Many people have excellent health, others…not so much. Some people exercise daily, some people are lucky to engage in ample physical activity a few times a month. There are also those that eat nothing but processed foods, versus those people who try and get all of their vitamins and minerals in. How much does your current health habits tell about you?

Does your health mean a lot to you? I’ve ran into people of all different aspects of fitness and you can see who is living well and who is suffering barely able to make it through the day. Which one are you? There are a lot of factors that go into fitness (flexibility, physical activity, nutrition, etc) that can make you or break you long term. When people realize this it will help with determining goals and how much those fitness goals mean to you.

If your health doesn’t mean much to you and you have a fitness goal, how accountable will you be in making sure you need to do what you need to do to keep pursing it? Although everyone is different, but we could all agree that when your health means a lot to you, that you are more willing to make sacrifices to ensure that you are moving in the positive direction on your goal. Here’s an example, someone that goes to the doctor due to some physical ailment such as obesity. The doctor then says if you don’t change your ways you could die within the next few weeks due to hypertension and high cholesterol.  Would it make sense to change your ways so that you don’t end up on your death bed by the end of the month?

Understanding the meaning behind what your health can do to you long term will help redefine what health is. Life will tend to take on a whole different meaning for you. Would you be the person who barely makes it through the day or the person who can wait to live life to the fullest?

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”-Kevin Trudeau