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Weight on the Scale

People step on the scale and stress how much they weigh where it’s a constant pattern as they battle on whether they are satisfied with that number or a bit embarrassed by what has become. So what does the number on the scale mean? Well, when you step on the scale, it is a measurement that determines your relationship on Earth or how close of a bond you have with Earth, or in other words, how much gravity affects your total body mass.

To those that have no idea how or what the scale actually means, the scale does not take into account lean body mass, bone density, water, etc. The scale is an indicator of your gravitational pull. Yes, using the scale is a good progress tool, but you should also understand that in order to get a full grasps on body fat, you should use a more precise tool such as getting your body fat tested, see how your clothes fit, or even get measurements done by a professional.

Thinking that your body weight is a sole indicator of progress is a bad idea because if you started up on a weight training program and you’re getting stronger, but the weight on the scale isn’t moving then you’ve most likely have put on some muscle. Since the weight on the scale hasn’t budged, but your clothes are fitting a lot differently then maybe, just maybe the number on the scale isn’t a good sign of progress. That is why I tell people not to put some much emphasis on what they see on the scale.