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Chiropractors adjust extremities?

     Patients have come into the office before with a spinal complaint only to their surprise be informed that the problem was really stemming from another area of the body outside the spine. Patients have also come in for treatment and failed to mention complaints in their shoulder, knee, ankle, etc because they did not know that chiropractic could help them.     Joints in the extremities, just like within the spine, can become subluxated causing swelling, loss of function, pain, and scar tissue formation. Extremity pain and injury account for up to 20% of chief complaints of patients coming into the office for care. Many physicians fail to relieve patients’ chronic knee, wrist, or other extremity problems because they do not address the joint dysfunction within them. They simply go straight for the pain instead of determining what the underlying cause of the pain may be. Helping to restore normal function to joints, no matter where they are located, can help get the body moving the way it should be and also improve blood circulation to accelerate the healing process.      Adjustments of the extremities can be done in a variety of ways. Some techniques involve the traditional manual manipulation of a joint where others use a handheld tool called an Activator. Regardless of the technique, the goal is to get motion back into the joint to help restore function to the extremity.      If you suffer from chronic pain or even a recent injury to an extremity, get it checked out by a chiropractor. You may be surprised how much a simple adjustment can help.