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While everyone is getting ready for pursuing a new you for New Years, here’s a tip to help with the new fitness goals. A good way to set goals is to make it SMART.

S-Specific: The more specific the better. Example, what do I want to accomplish, where, reasons, purposes, etc

M-Measurable-What source of measurement are you using? How much weight do you want to lose? How much faster do you want to run a mile? How many push-ups do you want to be able to do?

A-Attainable: Is your goals realistic? Is it something that, if you put your mind to, that you can accomplish them? Now you must figure out what makes them come true.

R-Relevant: Is your goals relevant to you and your current lifestyle? Why do you want to achieve this specific goal? Will it help you in life?

Time Bound-Goals should have a time table or even a check point date so that you can know you are on track on hitting your goals. Just saying that you have a goal, but no time limit, then how do you know what you’ll hit your goals by?

The acronyms are the golden rule for proper goal setting. These will help you ensure perimeters for your goals to increase your success rate. Keep working hard this year and show the world an incredible and persistent NEW YOU!