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Muscular Imbalances

There are many causes of injuries, ranging from car accidents, to gradual wear and tear to overuse on the human body. Some can be preventative, and some well, it involves powers that are out of your control. One common injury especially in the exercise realm is muscular imbalances. Many people develop a routine, whether good or bad, and their bodies adapt to it. Depending on the routine, and training schedule, you should make sure you are exercise each body evenly or you’ll experience long term injuries.

                When you go to the gym you hear guys boasting about their highest bench press attempts, and others who are over training in that particular exercise to be able to catch up to their close friends. Well, a common novice mistake is people who train their chest muscles while neglecting antagonist muscles such as their lats, delts, rhomboids, etc. Long term this can cause serious problems because stronger muscles tend to overcompensate and tighten as others tend to weaken as they lengthen. When this happens, it throws off your posture. Couple bad posture with heavy lifting and you get a result that end you up at the nearest chiropractic office. (As much as that seems like job security, that is not the type of business we are seeking at our clinic). We do not, I repeat, DO NOT need young people with bodies 30 years older than they really are.

                The moral of the story is make sure that you don’t over-do it with any one particular body part because that can cause some serious complications down the road. Prevention is the best cure. So if you can be more aware when you’re working out that you need to work the whole entire body and not just the muscles that you enjoy such as your chest and arms.