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How To Alleviate Back and Neck Pain While Traveling

With the upcoming holiday season many of us will be traveling to visit our loved ones.  Whether on a car, train or airplane, long hours of travel can wreak havoc on our spines creating pain in our joints and muscles.  Here are a few tips to keep you more comfortable during your travels:

·         Use a small pillow for a lumbar support to keep your lower back in alignment

·         On long plane rides use the cervical neck pillows for additional support to the neck

·         Get up and move at least every 2 hours.  Stop at a rest stop or walk up and down the aisle of the airplane

·         Stretch your neck, back and legs whenever possible

·         Stay hydrated to keep your muscles and joints flexible.

·         Avoid tight fitting shoes, socks or shoes

·         Wear comfortable and expansive clothing

·         Lift luggage using your legs, not your back.  Ask for assistance to put a heavy bad in an overhead compartment.

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