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"Good" vs "Bad" Pain

We’ve all heard the phrase “no pain, no gain.” But is that really true? Is there such a thing as good pain, and when should we feel it? “Good” pain is really just a part of the muscle strengthening process. After a productive workout, there is a normal teardown process that occurs in the muscles. As the muscles rebuild and repair themselves, they become bigger and stronger. The pain/soreness from that is normal and usually felt about 4 to 72 hours after the workout and can range from mild aching to a more moderate “hard to move” feeling.There is a point, however, where this process is taken too far. Overuse injuries occur when this muscle teardown process happens without ample recovery time. “Bad” pain also comes in the form of sprains, tendinitis, bone pain, etc. This pain may be more sharp, burning, and/or localized around a joint. This type of pain is due to injury or even possibly disease and should not be ignored or pushed through. The key is to know that all pain is the body telling us something is going on. So is the phrase “no pain, no gain” accurate? If you know how to read your body correctly, it is. If you have any questions about pain or a certain injury, you need to ask a healthcare provider. There is always a reason for pain. We just need to determine what is causing it and how to fix it.