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Hydrate Thyself!

Why do massage therapists recommend clients to drink plenty of water after a massage? Several reasons really. Especially after a deep tissue or firm pressure from massage the body’s blood circulation is stimulated, meaning the circulation is increased. The human body isn’t very good at retaining water (unless their is retention in tissue which could be the cause of underlying medical conditions) and actually removes water quicker than the body can absorb it. This happens even without the assistance of massage. That’s why we massage therapists really encourage clients to drink more water than they would normally to help replenish the body as well assist in removing toxins that were released from the muscles and other soft tissues during the massage.

The human body needs water to help with numerous things like to produce sweat, assist the colon with bowel movements, create new healthy blood cells and plasma, etc. With summer peering just around the corner (fingers crossed for us here in the PNW) the body needs water especially during the warmer temperatures.

Some side effects of not drinking enough water after a massage can be headaches, soreness (usually prolonged and more intense), even a general sick feeling because of all the reasons listed above. Be kind to your body and drink up! The general recommendation is at least half a gallon a day.

Don’t like the taste of water or think you may need more assistance with hydration? Try infusing your water with cucumbers or berries. The taste is refreshing and also doubles as a healthy snack when the water is all gone. Cheers!