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Make Your Own Heat/Ice Pack

Self-care is important especially if you are healing from an injury or trying to prevent injury; hot and cold therapy comes to mind. Whether you're and athlete or simply want to take better care of your muscle and soft tissue; there are many benefits with this particular therapy. I personally like to use cold packs at the end of the day to help with sore muscles. Hot and cold packs can run pretty pricey though. If you’re like me and have an addiction to Pinterest then you probably have come across DIY or “How To” pins all the time right? Some have proven to be quite useful like how to make your own eco-friendly laundry detergent or various recipes.

I found a pretty straightforward no-sew hot or cold pack using an old sock. The instructions are very simple and still leaves room for those who are feeling more creative. If you don’t care for aesthetics then a simple tube sock should suffice, however, if you are wanting more color you can use a sock that has a pattern.

I wouldn't recommend using the same exact pack for alternating hot and cold. Instead, make more than one. The pack will last longer without going from one extreme to another adding more wear and tear. 


What you will need:

Old sock (preferably clean and free of holes)


What to do:

Fill the sock more than halfway full of rice

Tie the end with a knot

Microwave for 3 minutes of heat or store in the freezer until cold

ENJOY!! :)