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Massage for Foot Pain


A neuroma is often referred to as a pinched nerve or nerve tumor. The common characteristics of a neuroma are tingling, numbness, burning sensation between the toes and in the ball of the foot; especially when weight is placed on the affected foot.

While the exact cause of the condition isn’t clear, there are theories as to what may cause the formation of a neuroma:

-repeated stress (can be common in many occupations that can create or aggravated a neuroma)

-improper footwear

-biochemical deformities (high-arches, flat foot)

-trauma that results in nerve damage, resulting in inflammation or swelling of the nerve.

Common symptoms:

-tingling and numbness

-swelling between the toes

-pain in forefoot and between toes

-pain in ball of foot when weight is placed on it.

Other contributing factors of neuromas are tight fascia and muscles. If the fascia (connective tissue) is tight and restrictive can inhibit nerve function and increase the risk of entrapment or stretching of the nerve.

How can Massage help?

Massage can reduce muscle tension and release fascial restrictions which can allow the affected nerve tissue to move and work more freely.