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Problems with slouching


As many of you already know, slouching is not good for your general posture. Long term slouching can create muscular imbalances causing certain muscles to fire as others relax leading to overcompensating therefore muscular pains and aches. Slouching is not a natural body formation, but happens unconsciously when we become too comfortable in a sitting position.

Unfortunately, the position that you are most used to you tend to carry that over into your everyday life. As certain muscle weakens, others tighten up leading to serious posture problems, hip imbalances, shortened/tight hamstrings, weak back muscles, tight chest muscles, etc.

With advances in technology, more and more people are in careers where they are behind a computer all day trying to make certain deadlines. Someone who sits in a desk at work for 8 hours a day tends to experience problems associated with consistent slouching. A common appearance people make when on the computer at the desk is shoulders and head pushed forward, upper back rounded giving a hunching appearance in the upper back (kyphosis). This type of posture can lead to serious problems especially during a 40 hour work week year after year after year.

Be aware of these types of problems in yourself. Although you can’t self-diagnose, especially since you’re not a doctor, but understand that if you tend to realize that you’re slouching then straighten out your posture. A couple of tips that you can do is stretch, periodically do some resistance training, maybe even take a small break and walk around the office every few hours throughout the day. Don’t be caught up the moment and forget to take care of yourself because no one wants to have to be forced to take work off due to injuries that could have been prevent by improving your posture.