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Preparing for Thanksgiving

Many people look forward to Thanksgiving because of the wonderful times they spend with their families and also were mother’s love to showcase their favorite meals of apple pie, turkey, casserole, cobbler, etc. The thing about stuffing your face with mom’s cooking is that there are a lot of calories being consumed.

Studies show that on average, the average person gains 7-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately, for the average person, that weight isn’t usually muscle. Yeah it’s hard to believe, but due to the vast amount of calories that you consume on Thanksgiving, and when you visit each family member on separate days of the week from Thanksgiving until Christmas, it all adds up.

You could help prevent that unnecessary weight gain, by being proactive about it. If you understand how calories work, how to monitor what you eat-portion control and also being active can help with weight management. Portion control can be as easy as tracking what you are eating throughout the day. Figuring out how to subtract 500calories a day for a whole week can lead to 1lb a week in weight loss then couple that with cardio can help tremendously. For example walking around the block, go for a jog, maybe even sign up for a gym membership earlier than the new years and begin your fitness goals early.

Understand that most people gain a lot of weight during the holiday season due to festivity eating can help you become more cognizant of your own weight goals. I know mom’s cooking is great, but don’t over devour and feel worse for the next few weeks.