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A lot of us have different directions in life, different fitness goals, and different objectives to complete in our one of our periods of life. Throughout time, your goals may change, get modified, or even stay the same. The question here is what motivates us to work towards these goals.

Some spend countless hours trying to master a task, others, when only time permits in their hectic life schedule. Who actually masters their craft more, someone who only practices their task occasionally or someone who goes after their goal day in and day out? I know it’s a hard concept to grasp, but have you heard of the quote “IF IT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU, YOU WILL FIND A WAY. IF NOT, YOU’LL FIND AN EXCUSE?”(Unknown).

How important is your goal to you? Does your EXCUSES trump your desire to hit your goal? Which one has more meaning to you? Even after years of thinking of your goal and becoming insecure about it due to the fact that it’s been lingering and eating at you. Is that enough to help drive you to spend more time on trying to achieve it? Or it’s still not strong enough to overcome excuses?

There are different motivation levels, where are you at on that scale? How important is your goals to you? Something to ask yourself as you continually thinking about your goals whether it’s fitness related, job related, or self-growth related.