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Don't miss out on great opportunities

        Are you the type of person who believes everything you hear? Or do you swing the other way and discredit everything unless shown proof? Hopefully you fall somewhere in the middle and know how to discern, yet can keep an open mind.

         Keeping an open mind doesn’t mean that you are a wishy-washy, hold no strong beliefs person. On the contrary, it can open you up to seeing the world in a whole new way. It gives you the opportunity to learn, grow, relate to others, and overall become a well-rounded person.

        Along the same lines is learning to listen to others. Recently I have tried to be cognizant of being a better listener. It is amazing when you listen to someone what information can be attained. To go a step further, I have tried to take what they have to say into consideration, no matter what I may initially think.  I often tell people just because I don’t understand something doesn’t mean it isn’t true or real. In doing so, I have looked into various topics I would not have otherwise explored.

        I challenge you to talk with someone you may not have otherwise, look into topics that are unfamiliar to you, and/or just listen to what others have to say. It can really help you grow and help spur conversations and ideas that can benefit everyone.