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What is Whey Protein?

So everyone into fitness is all about whey protein drink this, whey protein drink that, buy who actually know what this “protein” is? Some people tell me that they heard that protein shakes can cause you to gain weight, get fat, or some have this notion that those protein shake can even cause them to gain too much muscle where they feel they will look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But is that really the case? How many friends do you know that actually look like Arnold?

Let’s start out by answering what is whey protein? Whey is the excess that comes during the process of turning milk into cheese.  So it actually has as much muscle building properties as a common household breakfast item. There is a slight difference however. The whey protein you see in store have added immune properties and also flavoring for taste.

Will whey protein make me put on more muscle that I want, or will it make me fat? Like I said earlier, whey protein is just like any other thing that you digest. If you are worried about putting on too much weight then I’m sure it won’t be because of a simple protein drink that you may drink a couple of times a week. Look at the calorie breakdown. Most protein shake may have a little over 100 calories per serving. To put it into perspective, 3,500 calories equals a 1lb. Watching how much calories you ingest daily should be your focus point on if you worried about getting fat. Calories in, calories out!

Whey protein is simply just a recovery aid that fitness drink especially when they are on the go. It’s convenient, and it helps with the recovery protein after working out. Don’t fear that it will cause you to gain weight or put on excess muscle. There is more to getting in top notch shape than a simple protein drink. Being aware of the nutrition facts is really what counts.