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Chirico Trail/Poo Poo Point Tiger Mountain (local hike series)

Dr. Harlow at Poo Poo Point overlooking Issaquah

Dr. Harlow at Poo Poo Point overlooking Issaquah

Chirico trail is one of the trails that leads up to Poo Poo Point. Poo Poo Point is not only known for the spectacular view of Issaquah and the surrounding areas, but also for the paragliders that launch from the top on nice days. The trailhead is located between I-90 and Highway 18 along Issaquah-Hobart Road. This trail is between 3.6 and 4 miles roundtrip with mostly uphill climbing and few flat areas. The trail is fairly rocky but well maintained. It took me a little over an hour to reach Poo Poo Point with a baby in a back pack. You will first reach a clearing with a nice view; however, this is not Poo Poo Point. Continue on the trail to the left (going to the right is a gravel road) for about 5-10 minutes to reach Poo Poo Point. Parking may be difficult since the lot at the trailhead is fairly small and there is no street parking allowed.

I am unclear if the Discover Pass is required here but we have one and put it up just in case. An alternative to fighting for a parking spot on a crowded day is to go to Issaquah High School to park and take a trail from there. I have not done this yet but I believe the hike extends to about 7.4 miles roundtrip if you choose to start here. This is considered a moderate hike and I definitely felt a sense of accomplishment when I reached the top.