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Dash Point State Park (local hikes series)

 The beach at Dash Point State Park

The beach at Dash Point State Park

This is a great hike for children and for first time hikers, inactive people, or those who may have nagging injuries and can’t go on bigger hikes. The Discover Pass is required to park here. Located in Federal Way, this park includes camping and access to Puget Sound in addition to the hiking trails and mountain bike trails. One drawback here is that when it rains, this trail gets pretty muddy and slippery. It contains some hills, stairs, and flat areas. There are multiple trails but the Beach Trail that starts in the beach parking lot is the one I have been on. It intersects other trails but I have not explored the rest of the park much. It is easy enough for small kids and gives them a great opportunity to experience hiking without having to carry them a lot. Plus, after the hike you can go down to the water to spend time by the beautiful Puget Sound.