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Following My Own Advice

This year I have decided to try my hand at ultra-distance cycling. My two main events are the Mazama ride over the North Cascade Highway ;; 150 miles, 11,600 feet of climbing in 2 days; and the RAMROD (Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day; 150 miles, 10,000 feet of climbing in 1 day.As a result I have been unusually disciplined about my training and actually following the advice I give to all of my patients. In addition to implementing a structured training schedule I have been eating healthy (which I normally do, but sometimes not enough calories), sleeping 8 hours a night (something I would RARELY do), drinking plenty of water with healthy electrolyte mix, taking the appropriate supplements (including the addition of Protandim, a strong anti-oxidant), getting chiropractic adjustment once a week, deep tissue massage once a week with acupuncture once a month and stretching….lots and lots of stretching.

I have to say that it is remarkable at 54 years old how strong I am feeling and how much I have been able to accomplish. I have already completed the Mazama ride and the only problem I had was the stupid wasp that stung me on my quadriceps at the first rest stop. I felt so good on the ride (well maybe not that great when we had to pedal DOWNHILL during the last 25 miles home) that my challenge for the RAMROD will be how hard I can push myself to improve my time when doing so much mileage and climbing in 1 day rather than 2. Now don’t get me wrong; I have had plenty of sore muscles, knee pain, lower back hip pain. I have endured rides in pouring rain and even 2 crashes last year. But all the excellent health-care I have been receiving minimizes these symptoms and fulfills the number one thing you have to do when training for these types of event. It has prevented me from a serious, training altering injury and has allowed me to slowly and methodically move forward to realize my goals.

My hope for next season is to put a Northwest Chiropractic Cycling team together and assist my patients in accomplishing whatever fitness/cycling goals they set for themselves. With proper training, nutrition and chiropractic care you can accomplish whatever you desire!