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Fat vs Big Boned

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m not fat, I’m just big boned?” Well, technically that term doesn’t make any sense from a scientific perspective. All people have the same amount of bones and similar bone structure with 206 bones. Bones do not go on a huge growth spurt after you reach adulthood. Depending on the types of stresses you put on your bones is what determines how they react.

A boxer or even a person who performs regular weight training will have a stronger bone structure due to the fact that the tensions from punching and lifting weights will break down bone tissue (osteoclast) and form bone tissue (osteoblast). Someone who is sedentary will most likely not experience this type of to a greater extent due to the fact that the bone will not be exhibiting any tension without proper exercise.

Keys to building strong bones
Bones need Vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium to develop properly. There’s a reason why your mom always advised you to drink your milk because milk has all of these in it. Women are recommended more bone building vitamins and minerals than men because of the different hormones for child-bearing.

Unfortunately, those who justify their body size to being “big boned” are not understanding that a bad diet can attribute to serious health problems. Things like alcohol, caffeine, and ample amount of soft drinks can hinder your calcium absorption and attribute to bone loss .

Don’t believe the myth. There’s no such thing as being “Big Boned.” Enjoy!