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What is an adjustment?

       Chiropractic is often simplistically referred to as cracking and popping of the back. Many people do not even know what the popping noise is. Some people even take it into their own hands to crack their own neck or have someone walk on their back. So what really is a chiropractic adjustment and why is it important? The chiropractic adjustment is an art and not simply brute strength. That is why petite women can perform excellent adjustments. The art requires skill and training in order to get the proper angle, force, and location.       The popping noise heard is a release of gas from a joint. It is not bones rubbing together or anything breaking. Chiropractors aim to get motion into the joint complex that is not moving properly in order to “unlock” the bone from its improper position. Many times, there is an audible “pop” that can be heard. This adjustment allows the spine to move more freely the way it is supposed to.        There are also other types of adjustments than just the manual “popping” kind. Bones can be aligned using other tools such as an Activator (a small, spring-loaded, handheld tool), blocks, and different types of tables. Regardless of which technique the chiropractor uses, the object of the adjustment is to get movement into the joints that are not moving properly.