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Get outside! The health benefits of walking outdoors.


·         Fresh air! Need we say more

·         Challenge and improve your balance. Walking on uneven surfaces can actually benefit your joint awareness and stability. Just be aware of any trip hazards.

·         Improve your bone health. The force of impact during walking can actually help stimulate bone growth.

·         Build your muscles and get your heart pumping. Add some elevation gain.  Progress from a gentle incline in your neighborhood to a wilderness mountain hike. This can help strengthen muscles and increase activity tolerance.

·         Get happy! Step up your pace and allow the endorphin release to enhance your mood.


If you have been experiencing pain or discomfort, making walking difficult, reach out to our Physical Therapy team at Northwest Wellness . We have an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals to meet all of your health and wellness needs. Our goal is to help you get back to living an active, healthy, and pain-free lifestyle.

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