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Getting out of a chair without pain

How many of you regularly experience pain while getting out of a chair? Does it take you a few seconds, or maybe more, to actually get straight up and walk normally? While there is usually an underlying problem if you have a lot of pain, there are some minor adjustments you can make to help relieve the unnecessary pain when rising from a seated position. Most people get up from a chair in the same way. In fact, it is more of a habit than anything. They lean forward, put their hands on their thighs, stand up, and then straighten their back upon rising. Does this sound like you? Even if you are young and healthy, this can put quite a strain on your low back.

So what is the proper way to get up? It may seem tedious at first but if you can get into the habit of rising without straining your low back, this can save you a lot of current and future pain. Get on the edge of your chair, contract your abs, place your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart (or even with one more forward than the other) and instead of bending forward at your waist, work on sliding forward out of your chair and then rising using your legs and keeping your abs and gluteal muscles contracted. While it is okay to place your hands on your thighs, try to keep a straight back. This allows you to work the strong muscles of the lower extremity rather than using the muscles of the low back.

At first, you will have to remember to do this every time. As time passes, it will become automatic and you will get up the proper way without even thinking about it. Changing this simple task can help you prevent both current, and future low back pain.