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Is digital x-ray all that it is cracked up to be?

Technology, electronic, digital…These are words that are heard a lot when talking about making advances in most areas of our lives. Here at Northwest Wellness, we have electronic health records and have since early 2011. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the business and the patient experience. One area that we will be updating is our x-ray system. But what exactly is digital x-ray and how is it different from traditional? And more importantly, why should patients care?

            While digital imaging still uses x-ray radiation like traditional (AKA analogue), digital imaging does not use film. Instead, there is a digital image capture device that is used to detect the image. There are many more details associated with digital imaging vs analogue that I don’t want to focus on. What is important for you to know is why you should care.

1.      Less radiation: Overall radiation exposure is significantly less with digital imaging.

2.      Better quality: The actual image is sharp and more distinct allowing more detail to be visualized when reading the x-ray.

3.      Ability to manipulate images: Images can be zoomed in, change the contrast, flip the image, etc. using software. This again allows physicians to more accurately read the x-rays.

4.      Instantaneous: The system we will be using allows for immediate image uploading which means no more waiting for films to develop.

All this is to enhance patient care and improve outcomes for patients. This is a very important step for Northwest Wellness and we look forward to passing this improved technology onto you, the patient, in March.