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How I got into bodybuilding

I’ve always been into fitness ever since I was young. My dreams of one day running in the Olympics were greatly inspired by the likes of Michael Johnson, Carl Lewis and Jesse Owens. I studied track and field stats and training methods and tried to mimic them in my own workouts. Being that I was very limited in knowledge and with no college experience at the time, I was only able to learn so much on my own. I took my first weight training class back in 8th grade and learned a lot and ever since then I was hooked. I figured that in order to be successful you needed a combination of speed, endurance, and strength to be able to be among the elite Olympians.

After going to college, and getting my degree in Clinical Physiology, I learned that in order to be successful as a sprinter you can’t be successful as an endurance athlete, and that it’s either one or the other. Since weight training was the common denominator of training in both disciplines, I got more and more involved in that hobby. Professional bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, and Frank Zane became big influences as I changed up my style of training.

I did my first competition in college back in 2009 and won my weight class in the novice division. I was hooked ever since. Just this last year I was awarded my natural pro card after I became the overall winner at the WBNF Washington State Emerald City bodybuilding show on April 18th. Now I can compete against other natural pros that I’ve began to look up to over the years. A bodybuilder’s dream, a dream come true.