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Thanksgiving meal

This blog is not meant to be the party-pooper, don’t enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, downer blog. It is simply meant to inform you about the calorie content of common Thanksgiving foods so you are aware of what you are putting into your body. I fully intend to eat away on Thanksgiving. However, I will be aware of portion sizes and at least have somewhat of an idea of how many calories I am consuming. That way I can at least make an informed decision on what I should go back for seconds on. 6 oz of turkey (white and dark meat) 400 calories ½ cup stuffing with ¼ cup gravy 250 calories ½ cup cranberry sauce 200 calories ½ cup mashed potatoes with ¼ cup gravy 225 calories ½ cup green bean casserole 225 calories ½ cup candied sweet potatoes 150 calories 1 dinner roll with butter 150 calories 1 piece of pumpkin pie w/ whipped cream 260 calories 1 cup eggnog 350 calories 1 glass of wine 120 calories

This right here is a fairly small portion of the most common Thanksgiving foods and comes out to around 2,000 calories. It is also an estimate of calorie content which can vary based on preparation. Again, unless you are on a strict diet, go ahead and enjoy yourself. I know I will. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!