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5 Benefits of Massage

People have been benefitting from massage for centuries. It is only within the past few decades, however, that we understand the science behind the benefits of massage. Here are a few ways how a simple act of massage with trained, caring hands can help you restore your health and well-being. 1. Massage helps to decrease blood pressure and heart rate by aiding in relaxation of not only muscles, but the whole person in general.

2. Massage increases the flow of blood, lymphatics and cerebrospinal fluid.

3. Massage retrains the brain when under stress to go to the “rest and relax” response instead of the “fight or flight” response. This limits the stress, thus diminishes the production of the fat-storing hormone cortisol.

4. Massage produces endorphins leading to the body’s own, natural pain relief.

5. In a world of stress, massage gives you time away from work, kids, or whatever to give you what YOU need to help yourself!

Massage helps to break pain patterns and assists the soft tissues to stay relaxed and flexible. Massage also moves lymph which can relieve pain by physically moving the prostaglandins produced from the inflammatory process out of painful tissues and into the bloodstream for the body's removal. This therapy works great with chiropractic in supporting the muscles as they work with your spine and bones. The combination of chiropractic and massage is exceptional form of care in relieving painful symptoms providing you with an opportunity to heal your body safely and without unnecessary interventions.

A big thanks to Annie, an LMP at our clinic, for helping write this article.