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How do I get started exercising?

        The scenario is, you haven’t exercised in years and you don’t know how to get started or what to do. You maybe even tried to do some exercises that you used to do but found that you couldn’t or got really sore after doing them. You might even associate exercise with vigorous activity such as running or lifting weights and you don’t want to get into that again. Do any of these situations sound like you? If so, you are not alone.        Exercise does not have to be overly strenuous, nor do you even have to break a sweat to receive benefits. For athletes training for an event or the younger population who have the ability to do so, more physically demanding activities can greatly increase both strength and stamina. But as we age, our bodies have a harder time recovering from strenuous activity. This makes it unappealing to even consider doing it. We also seem to “get out of shape” faster if we do not continue a routine, which makes it discouraging. The good news is exercise can be incorporated into our daily lives fairly easily for most people.         Walking is a great way to get weight-bearing exercise that not only keeps you moving, but also can increase your heart rate enough to have an aerobic benefit. Parking further away from the store, walking around the whole store instead of just to what you need (watch out though because this can lead to spending more money than you initially were going to spend), even just walking down to the mailbox to check the mail can help. The key is ANYTHING HELPS! The more likely you are to do it, the more benefit you can get from it.         For those not able to walk easily…riding a bike, swimming, yoga, and water aerobics may be options for you. While watching TV, take a couple of small weights or even just some soup cans and do some light bicep curls or other arm exercises. Also using a Swiss Ball as a chair 30 minutes a day can get your abs working and improve posture. Often times you will find that once you get over the hump of actually starting the process, you will feel better and be in less pain so you will be more apt to exercise more.         Attached are a few links for some basic exercises that can be done every day to jumpstart your road back to health.