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How my goals changed to help other with their fitness?

When I was younger I’ve always looked up to super heroes and comic book characters, and actors that had bodies that I could only dream of. People that stood out to me were Superman, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Michael Johnson, Michael Jordan, and others that had these unbelievable talents that I’ve always adored. I competed in sports regularly and trained hard to be like them.

I competed in football, cross country, wrestling, and track and field in high school. One I reached college, I continued to compete in wrestling and track and field then later added strongman, bodybuilding, and powerlifting to my hobbies. I wasn’t necessarily great, but I knew that eventually all of my hard work will pay off and I will soon be able to match my abilities to the elites in my sports. Unfortunately, once I reach college and took classes on exercise science I realized that it’s impossible to become the best at everything due to the chemical makeup of ones genes and your training style (fast twitch training versus slow twitch training). Although, I continued to train hard, I became discouraged eventually.

I broke out of my discouragement by mentally telling myself, well if I can’t be the best, why not just try and let everything else sort its self out. With all of the training style out right now, I have found one that best fits into my current goals. Now I actively compete in bodybuilding and powerlifting with hopes of competing against the best in my respective competition. I’ve met plenty of people along the way who I frequently see at my competitions and we exchange different training techniques with each other to help each other out to become better. My new goal is to help others get physically active and to help spread the word on how great health can influence a positive outlook on life. It’s funny how much personal goals and dreams can change over the years.