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Blue Friday

It is the time of year once again where Fridays in the Seattle area become “Blue Fridays” in support of the Seahawks. While I love football and enjoy routing on the Seahawks, another “blue” comes to mind this time of year. The winter blues, AKA seasonal affective disorder.

Here are a few ways to help try and fight the blues:

1.      Maximize your exposure to light: Open your blinds, take a walk outside when possible, anything to get some natural daylight, even if it is cloudy daylight can help.

2.      Engage in activities you enjoy: Like any form of depression, doing things you enjoy helps improve your mood.

3.      Exercise: Not only does this help with your overall health, exercise helps to release endorphins that can make you feel happier.

4.      Consider light therapy: Make sure to use light boxes designed for seasonal affective disorder because there are different types. Do your research before purchasing and using light therapy.

5.      Vitamin D/Omega 3 fatty acids: Some research has shown that these 2 substances can help with many functions in the body and also help improve mood.

6.      Set goals: Many people are goal driven and when they are striving to achieve something, they have a more positive outlook on life. With this, reward yourself when goals are accomplished.